Find Silver in Three Downtown Boise Locations!!!



Rediscovered Bookstore: 180 North 8th Street, Boise

Hyde Park Books: 1507 N. 13th Street, Boise

The Art of Ward Hooper: 745 West Idaho Street, Boise


Looking for Something to do on May 21st?

Come check out IWJ SNAP
When: Wed, May 21, 6pm – 8pm
Where:  Meridian School District, 1303 East Central Drive, Meridian, ID, United States (map)
Description:  It’s the monthly power networking of the Idaho Women’s Journal (www.idahowomen​! Be among the 70-90 business owners in attendance and enjoy food, speakers, marketing, networking, and more than a dozen businesses who display their wares. The marketing theme for 2014: Personal brand. Home to the #1 women in business magazine in Idaho!

I will be there signing books as well as an esteemed group of other Idaho authors:

Spring has sprung!

I am so fortunate to live here in the Treasure Valley where all I have to do to relieve the stressors of traffic and after school activities is to gaze over at Bogus Basin. It only takes a moment or two of deep reflection for me to imagine the sight of canvas covered wagons trailing over the mountains and foothills, the creaks of those wooden wheels as they trampled over the mountainous plains of bitterbrush and sage. Most pioneers would have been traveling during the spring/summer months so perhaps they felt the bite of April rain upon their faces, the sweetly intoxicating scent of sage and muddy earth, maybe they would have stopped at one of the many creeks and springs that cris-crossed the foothills, dunking those gritty hands in the cool streams, their eyes seeking the murky bottom for the hopeful flash of gold flecks among the pebbly masses.

Silver is live and ready!

Silver is live and ready!

The day has finally arrived. Yes, at long last my historical-fiction novel, “Silver” has not only hit the presses, but is available on my publisher’s website ( as well as Amazon ( Having “Silver” in completion has been a very long and amazing journey, yet it was well worth the wait, and is now one that is officially, a reality.

Writing historical fiction is a wonderful way to reconnect with the past. Research (which is the bulk of the work) comes from many directions and sources (i.e. libraries, museums, personal anecdotes, and of course, the internet). It can be exhausting, but the knowledge gleaned is invaluable. Not only do you have a better understanding of how your characters act, think, dress (etc.) you also have a better understanding for that all so critical plot and setting. A true purveyor of historical fiction will know right away if you’ve skimped out on research. The more authentic your character and facts, the more you will convince the reader you have done all your necessary homework. The good news? Afterwards, you will have a new appreciation for the people and the era you wrote about as well as your own family’s personal struggles and journeys.

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SILVER – The Novel


Silver – The Novel – Coming Soon!

After many years of research, edits, revisions and rewrites, my historical fiction novel, “Silver” is finally ready for the presses! It has been a labor of love (and sometimes frustrations) but I am truly excited to see all of the work pay off. Whether you are a western fan or love historical fiction, “Silver” is a great marriage of both. It stays in keeping with traditional western elements, but has a historical vein as the main character, Adelaide Johnston recounts the history of Silver City as she weaves the trials and tribulations of 1860’s pioneer life throughout the words of her newsletter column.



Across the Threshold Blog Tour – December 10th



I am taking the next leg of our anthology blog tour, “Across the Threshold” with a little background on my story, “Drums”.  It takes place in the Saami region of Scandinavia, the northern most part of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula of Russia.  The Saami are a first nation population who still thrive today herding reindeer and living a nomadic life, they are very connected to their traditions, culture, language and a type of music or singing called, joik or yolk.  They even live in structures called, katas which resemble a native ImageAmerican ‘teepee’.


When Christianity swept across Europe, many Saami were persecuted for practicing witchcraft, much like the witch trials held in Salem, Massachusetts.  My main character, Livli, is torn between the ‘old ways’ and the new, whether she can honor her heritage and step up to claim her bloodline or if she will betray her people and follow her father’s footsteps by shedding her old ways and embracing her father’s new marriage and religion.  Livli can be headstrong, much like her grandmother, a noaidi, or witch, but not so stubborn that she doesn’t see exactly what her new stepmother is doing to her family.  Will Livli learn the ways of her grandmother and honor her bloodline or will she obey her father and abandon their traditions?